Guaranteed Rent Management

88 Estate Agency will be your tenant.

We are a trusted, reliable Property Management Company and you will receive, fixed, guaranteed rent, which is paid whatever happens, so even if the property becomes empty, you still receive your rent.

No longer will you have to deal with hassle from tenants. Your property will be looked after for the entire term of the agreement. During this time we will sublet the property.

88 Estate Agency is the most prominent provider of Guaranteed Rent Management in London. We are the first choice for a variety of landlords and property managers, who value the simplicity and speed of our service.

At 88 Estate Agency we allow you to fix your monthly income and costs. With this income locked in, landlords can plan for the future, simply sit back and enjoy the income or make investment decisions to move forward.

While some letting agents and other companies offer a so-called 'rent guarantee', often in a dubious or questionable manner, 88 Estate Agency offers a secure and reliable service that you can trust, now and in the future.

When we take over your property, we have a vested interest in its upkeep. We treat it as if it were our own and look after it alongside our existing portfolio and personal properties. It is unlikely any estate or management agent will give your property such great personal attention.

Our offer is clear and transparent. There are no fees or commissions to pay and no hidden charges.

Only the best vetted tenants are chosen and properties are regularly inspected and a close relationship maintained with tenants to ensure your property is looked after. Our in-house team of tradesmen and maintenance engineers will attend to any issues quickly and efficiently.

We will consider any property, in any condition, and will often renovate or furnish your property at our expense.

Here are the key benefits to our service:

  • A GUARANTEED rent paid in ADVANCE every month - without fail!
  • No VOID / VACANT periods where your property is losing you money.
  • No difficult tenants to deal with.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • FREE management service (No management fees whatsoever).
  • No unexpected surprises allowing you to plan and budget more effectively!
  • Guaranteed condition at the end of lease.
  • Exclusive scheme for London landlords and surrounding boroughs.
  • No estate or letting agents to deal with.
  • Flexible lease terms.
  • A secure return from your property.
  • No fees, commissions or hidden charges whatsoever!
  • 3 months rent in advance payable (more advance rent is payable upon request).

The Government's most recent Court statistics were published on Valentine’s Day. In 2012, there were 103,329 landlord claims that resulted in an order for possession being made, which is the highest recorded rate over the last five years and looks to be continuing an upward trend. The number of cases of private landlords applying for possession is up by 85% over the last 3 years, indicating the difficulties in chasing rent from defaulting tenants hence why our "Guaranteed rent service" is the most preferred service amongst our landlords.



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